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Updated: April 14, 2000 10:48 PM CST

This is the story of my Pac-Man/Ms.Pac-Man


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Want to make your Pac joystick feel NEW?
E-mail Mike. He has new Pac centering grommits for sale!

Pac/Ms.Pac conversion say you want Pac-Man to run Ms.Pac-Man? No problem...............
Go to Ebay, and get the Ms.Pac AUX pcb and the ROM's at 5E & 5F.

Remove the Z80 cpu from your Pac-Man pcb and install the Ms.Pac AUX pcb ribbon cable in its place. Make SURE that you do not install it upside down! There is a small cutout at one end of all the IC's (integrated circuit)
on both main and Ms.Pac pcb's. All of the IC's should be installed in the same direction. Now, remove the ROM's at 5E & 5F. Install the Ms. Pac ROM's.

Reinstall the pcb's in your cabinet and thats it! You now have Ms.Pac-Man!




Latest news at the bottom of the page

I was reading through the local newspaper and came across an add that had 2 Galaga's for sale. I told my wife (she likes Galaga) and she wanted to go look at them.

When we went to see them the guy had 4 machines. 2 Galaga's, a Mario Bros., and a Pac-Man cabinet with Ms. Pac-Man marquee, control panel overlay, and monitor bezel artwork installed. I turned it on and..........nothing :-( No problem I was there for the Galaga's anyway! One problem though...........He would not just sell me a Galaga. It had to be a package deal. All of the machines needed alot of work so I talked him down to $500 for all of them. I went and picked them up the next day!

After I had them home I messed around with the Galaga's for a while, and decided to sell them (after I traded the PCB's out of one of them for a set of Stargate PCB's). I sold both Galaga's and the Mario Bros. to a local guy named Eddie. You can see them on his page here.

Now I started with Ms.Pac-Man! I opened it up and turned it was powering up but no picture(kind of). I started adjusting the monitor and I got a picture. Still no sound. That was easy, the speaker was unplugged! I said I got a picure, not a good picture. The monitor is shot, but Pac-Man lives! Thats right Pac-Man not Ms.Pac-Man! Go figure!

I have to tell you I knew nothing about Pac-Man at this time. I went to the newsgroups (VERY helpful people there!) and asked what would it take to get Ms.Pac-Man up and running. A bunch of people replyed, and told me about the Ms.Pac-Man daughter card and ROMs. I bought everything I needed for $30 off the newsgroups. What a deal! I installed the parts and my wife and I played Ms.Pac-Man all night!

A couple of days later Ms.Pac-Man died. Damn! I started looking on the net for information and found this site, PacMan Info . Then I got in touch with Bob Roberts. I got a fuse holder and an edge connector kit from him. I installed them and Ms.Pac-Man was back!..........for a while :-(

Ms.Pac-Man DIED completely. I asked Bob Roberts if he would recommend anyone to repair my Ms.Pac PCB. He told me about a guy in Seattle. I e-mailed him and sent him my PCB's.

I got them back the next week ($66 poorer) and plugged them in. They worked, BUT there was a hum all the time. I e-mailed this guy back and he told me to ship the PCB's back to him. I also noticed that the Ms.Pac daughter card was not the one I sent him. I asked him about that and he said that he always uses a known good one for testing and must have gotten them mixed up. I sent him the PCB's back and he fixed the sound problem for free.

I got the PCB's back (not my original daughter card) and plugged them more hum!

I let Ms.Pac-Man sit for a couple of months and when I started her up she had a new problem. Ms. Pac and the ghosts are in the wrong place onscreen. I have not fixed this problem yet.

That's it for now! As soon as I do more to Ms.Pac-Man I will put it here.



I received the Pac joystick grommets Tuesday. I installed one, and it feels like NEW! I f you need one e-mail Mike!

Now all I have to do is stop playing it for a while so I can paint it :-)


I sent out a money order yesterday for some Pac joystick centering grommets. As soon as I receive them, I will post the guy's e-mail address.

Still not sure if the NFL Blitz grommets will work. Bob Roberts said he doubts it. If you know for sure, please e-mail me.


Got the monitor! I have to do some fine tuning, but overall it looks good.

I read on the newgroups that you can use the rubber centering diaphragm from NFL Blitz on Pac joysticks. The post said that it is the exact same part! I will look into it.


Bid on a coin door at Ebay. It looks to be in good shape (alot better than the one I have!) and it's cheep! I am looking for a Pac-Man joystick. If you have one for sale please e-mail me!


Ordered a NEW monitor!! It is a Wells Gardner 7200. I should get it next week.
When I get it installed, I will post my opinion about its performance.


I found the problem! It was the 74LS161 RAM at 2E! Ms. Pac-Man LIVES!

The FULL Restoration Begins!





My Pac-Man:

Serial# 24725

More pics comming soon!!!

Pac NEEDS paint!


Main# A082-91375-B000
V-RAM# A082-91384-B000
Z-80 Sync# A082-91383-B000
MsPac# A084-91415-B617