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Dragon's Lair

My quest for the Lair!

Updated: June 9, 2002

Connector and wiring info
Diagnostic info
Dip switch settings
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Parts I have:

DL reproduction disc
DL Laser disc
DL2 Laser disc
DL main logic pcb
DL scoreboard pcb
Sony LDP-1450
DL marquee
DL control panel
DL artwork
Marquee brackets
Scoreboard artwork

Parts I need:

DL cabinet ;-)
LaserDisc conversion pcb

Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp

Dragon's Lair (reproduction disc)

Reproduction artwork from Arcade Renovations

Cabinet restoration parts:

Cabinet vinyl:
49-0572-00 Bison Black Vinyl or
49-0535-00 Black Hide Vinyl


JoyStik November 1983

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